stainless steel

Premium Quality Photos on Stainless Steel

For a stunning piece of artwork like you’ve never seen before, the Original Prints team print your photo onto Stainless Steel. Because we print directly onto Stainless Steel, your photos will take on an amazing sheen that traditional paper printing or canvas prints are unable to deliver. The Stainless Steel flashes through to create a distinct look that will catch your eye from every angle and amaze you and your guests.

Innovative, beautiful and Built to Last

In addition to their attention grabbing look, Original Prints Stainless Steel Prints are extremely rigid. Our UV-stable inks create a finished product that is highly fade-resistant which is ideal for hanging both indoors and outdoors. Stainless Steel Prints are also fantastic if you want to create amazing signage, reception signage, presentations, and more it is only limited buy your imagination.

A Flash of Brilliance

If you are really looking to turn heads, printing your photos onto Stainless Steel is definitely the way to go. With shimmering colors and the flash of raw metal, you are certain to get the modern, bold effect that you desire. Oh, and did we mention that our Stainless Steel Prints are made in Australia Even better.

We do not skimp on quality and use a composite panel or aluminium panel we only use exceptional quality Stainless Steel.

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